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Life Inventory for iPad

Create your own personal Life Inventory using an iPad.

Life Inventory

Create your own personal Life Inventory using an iPhone or iPod touch.


The Life Inventory app was created because of the complexity and length of time needed to do a proper Moral Inventory. When persons working their way through a 12-step program start creating their own moral inventory and discover that some ways of doing a Moral Inventory might require a thousand spreadsheets, the task seems daunting and many never get around to finishing it, thus depriving themselves of the rewards a Moral Inventory can provide. This app is a first attempt at finding a way to make the task less time consuming, while at the same time helping the user create a valuable asset in their recovery process.

Storage of your Life Inventory data is done using an underlying database which can be backed up and restored if necessary.

Disclaimer — This app is neither officially produced nor approved by Alcoholics Anonymous or any other Addiction Recovery program. From what is known there have been many Moral Inventory spreadsheets circulating unofficially among AA members for at least 50 years in various versions and this app is based on one the developer found to be useful and more comprehensive than most.


Many thanks to "George" and his "Dungeon Prison Complete" spreadsheet which has been used as the outline for this app. This spreadsheet was developed based on years of his own personal research of the AA Big Book, along with help from many others who had already gone through the process of doing their own Moral Inventories. This was done in order to more fully understand the application of the concepts for doing his own Moral Inventory. His extensive research resulted in the creation of the "Dungeon Prison Complete" spreadsheet, a detailed set of instructions on how to do your own Moral Inventory, including several new concepts not covered in the AA Big Book: Sources of Anxiety/Excitement as a 4th Category; and a set of Sex Relations exercises. Both of these new elements were discovered to be critical in eventually understanding why we do what we do, the end result of doing your own Moral Inventory.

Available Activities:

★★ Tab 1 — Life Inventory
      Get App Information
      Learn about Life Inventories
      Learn about Build Lists
      Learn about Causes & Effects
      Learn about My Part
      Learn about Fears Analysis
      Learn about Fear Questions
      Learn about Sex Relations
      Learn about Step 5 Report
      Change Settings
      Backup & Restore

★★ Tab 2 — Build Lists
      Build Lists Help
      Edit Lists Sub-Categories
      Edit Entities in Lists
      View Lists Hierarchy

★★ Tab 3 (iPad) / Tab 2 (iPhone)Causes & Effects
      Causes & Effects Help
      Edit Incidents for Entities
      View Lists Hierarchy with Incidents
      Determine Effects

★★ Tab 4 (iPad) / Tab 2 (iPhone)My Part
      My Part Help
      Examination of My Part
      Review Incidents

★★ Tab 5 (iPad) / Tab 3 (iPhone)Fears Analysis
      Fears Analysis Help
      Edit Fears
      Categorize Fears
      Edit Fear Categories
      View Fear Categories by Tally

★★ Tab 6 (iPad) / Tab 3 (iPhone)Fear Questions
      Fear Questions Help
      Answer Fear Questions
      Review Fear Answers

★★ Tab 7 (iPad) / Tab 4 (iPhone)Sex Relations
      Sex Relations Help
      Edit Sex Relationships
      Answer Sex Relations Questions
      Review Sex Relations Answers
      Write Your Sexual Ideal
      Review Your Sexual Ideal

★★ Tab 8 (iPad) / Tab 5 (iPhone)Reports
      Reports Help
      Read Incidents
      Read Fear Answers
      Read Sex Relations Answers
      Read Your Sexual Ideal

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Instructional Videos

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - What is a Life Inventory?

More instructional videos are in development.


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