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Notify Friends About My Bargain

The Easiest Way to Tell Friends About a Bargain You've Found.

This is by far the easiest way to tell friends about a bargain ... and provide quite a bit of detail including item, regular price, bargain price, when the bargain ends, comments about the bargain item, information on where the bargain was found and up to 12 images, which could be either of the bargain itself or of where it was found.

Users are able to set up in advance default email addresses: 4 TO and 3 CC recipients. These can be overridden before an email report is sent. The defaults can be changed at any time.

Images can be collected from the photo albums or taken directly with the camera.

Images retain a reasonable amount of detail even though they have been reduced in size so as to only use a minimum amount of your data allotment.

The report doesn't have to be sent immediately just in case you want to wait until you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Category: Lifestyle + Social Networking

Current Version: 1.0

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